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What Readers Say


Books like Penny Dreadful are hard to come by. It’s rare to see a finely crafted whodunit with soul. It’s hard not to like Jasmine Spitfire because she reminds us of us. — a supposedly normal person, albeit with a few quirks, who chooses to do what is right despite all the risks... this has been a thoroughly enjoyable read, from start to finish.


TM Tam has a knack of sparking vivid mental images through her use of language, this is definitely a book series for a person who enjoys thrillers... It's filled with suspense and twists which made reading entertaining.


The characters are so well developed here and you feel like you're walking the street of Hong Kong from Teresa's brilliant descriptions of the city. The writing is absolutely terrific. I  really love how the author weaves the story throughout Hong Kong, from the upper echelons to some of the grubbiest streets

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